No seaming required!

A great benefit to FLSI is our large floor sections that provide us the ability to give our customers a large, light-weight and single piece liner for easy and rapid installation. With this benefit of not requiring field seams, not only will your liner seams last longer since our fabrication facility is in a controlled environment, you can cut out a large labor cost for field seaming along with mobilization!

With our shop floor space we can produce panels up to 111,000 square feet in our thin mil liners. Due to weight and general handling in the field, we like to stay around a set weight so it is easier for our customers to deploy our liners safely and effortlessly. We only use the highest rated material manufacturers with varying thicknesses from 12 mil thru 40 mil. These liners are almost all reinforced with plastic scrim or nylon threading providing great puncture resistance and extended life with a thicker mil.

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