Secondary containment liners are great and effective products to contain any possibly spilt liquids be them hazardous or not. With our in-house design and fabrication, we will review your project requirements and fabricate the appropriate secondary containment liner. These are great for catching spills in areas that are under heavy use and movement. Having the ability to quickly layout and assemble your secondary containment liner in the exact spot you need it is a great benefit for those who have a moving workplace as well. Material options available for all different types of organic and inorganic compounds as well as varying temperature range capabilities.

Secondary containment liners are free-standing containment liners that are similar to floor liners, but are typically more temporary than permanent in the sense of their ability to be moved. They come with pre-fabricated pockets that allow for vertical brackets to assist the liner remain vertical to create an impermeable containment area.

Free-Standing Containment Liner used to
Contain Process Chemicals


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