Heap Leach Pads are used throughout the world for mineral/metal harvesting in mine sites. Heavily engineered for long-term success, these sites become literal mountains seen for miles holding hundreds of thousands of metric tons of mined ore that is then soaked with sulfuric acid or cyanide to extract the precious minerals. Field Lining Systems, Inc. comes into play from the very beginning in these projects as the lining contractor, installing the liner/geomembrane along with any collection ditches and collection ponds where the sulfate solution then goes to the Solvent Extraction plant also known as SXEW plants. 

Not all materials are created the same, even with the same trade names. For this reason Field Lining Systems, Inc.(FLSI) has a vast network of material suppliers to bring our customers the most cost effective, long lasting material for their project. FLSI supplies our customers with shop-fabricated pieces for a quick and easy installation.


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