What is PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride?

PVC is another highly used material for it’s numerous benefits and overall performance when it’s properly installed and maintained. For pond applications, it’s absolutely almost always needed to be buried with no less than one foot of cover soil. It’s also used in the chemical process, plating and surface finishing industries. It comes in many different colors, thicknesses (FLSI is one of the very few who work with 3/16″ and up PVC’s for floor liners and large Chemical Process tanks) and grades. Some grades are what we consider “Standard PVC” and others are “High-Temp” for handling temperature up to 170°F – 180°F as a standard operating temperature. While your process may fit the temperature capability your chemical concentration may be also fine or may not be suitable for a specific grade. FLSI has been fabricating PVC drop-in’s for many years and has the knowledge to provide our best recommendations along with our material suppliers recommendations.

How can FLSI help you?

FLSI custom fabricates all of our liners in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility. These liners are used to protect the environment from corrosion, to prevent leaks and contaminants from leaching into the ground. We fabricate both flexible plastic drop-in liners and rigid plastic drop-in liners. We also fabricate rigid plastic free-standing tanks. We are professional, trained and certified installers that can perform any size project.

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