Muscle Wall vs Sandbags

The graphic above illustrates the proper way to stack sandbags according to the United States Army Corpse of Engineers. The USACE also exposed that the true expense of sandbags, once you factor in cleanup and other costs, is $2.50 to $5.00 per bag. This proves that not only is Muscle Wall a much more cost effective solution in the long run, but is saving you money even at the first deployment.

Muscle Wall vs Earthen Solutions

For years the method of choice for secondary containment has been earthen solutions. These solutions are expensive, require the use of heavy equipment, and present significant environmental concerns. Muscle Wall was engineered and designed to provide superior primary and secondary containment without the common issues that are prevalent with earthen solutions.

The Strength is in the Toe

The Muscle Wall system is able to withstand the immense force of rushing or standing water due to its patented toe design. The pressure of the water forces the toe downward, thus overpowering the hydro-static force which anchors the wall to the ground.

Nestle to Ship and Store

The unique “L” shaped design of Muscle Wall enables each wall to nestle together with another in order to maximize shipping and storage space. Each wall has an extrusion on the top of the wall that snaps into place on the toe of the connecting wall. This system allows the walls to be securely stacked together.


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