What are Ponds?

Ponds are typically a small body of water formed naturally, by excavation or embanking. For FLSI, ponds can virtually hold anything that needs to be contained and can be acres in size. FLSI has extensive knowledge when it comes to pond specifications, fabrication and installation. Our largest project was a 537 acre Solar Evaporation Pond used for Potash.

How can FLSI help you?

FLSI custom fabricates all of our liners in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility. These liners are used to protect the environment from corrosion, to prevent leaks and contaminants from leaching into the ground. We fabricate both flexible plastic drop-in liners and rigid plastic drop-in liners. We also fabricate rigid plastic free-standing tanks. We are professional, trained and certified installers that can perform any size project.


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