Construction pond liners are meant for contractors who need to have an on-site water supply for dust abatement. With one of the strictest dust control laws in the Nation, Arizonan contractors/projects need immediate access to water for their projects. Field Lining Systems, Inc. is proud to provide the highest quality Pre-Fabricated Liners for our customers. Using our state-of-the-art machinery and facility, we produce single piece liners for rapid, easy and cost saving installation.

With our 2 fabrication lanes, we’re capable of producing quick turn-around orders when you need it most. Our largest fabricated panels can measure up to 2 full acres of material (varies with material thickness).

Not all materials are created the same, even with the same trade names. For this reason Field Lining Systems, Inc.(FLSI) has a vast network of material suppliers to bring our customers the most cost effective, long lasting material for their project. FLSI supplies our customers with shop-fabricated pieces for a quick and easy installation.

Pre-Fabricated Liner During Fabrication Process

Properties 12 mil 24 mil

Material Type

Material Warranty(limited)

Material Weight

Material Price

12 mil

Reinforced Polyethylene

2 years exposed / 5 years buried

0.04lbs per SF


24 mil

Reinforced Polyethylene

10 years exposed / 20 years buried

0.08lbs per SF


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