Decorative pond liners are a specialty application where strict care is taken into account for the fauna and flora in and around the pond. Because of these requirements FLSI uses only Fish Grade Certified liner materials for these applications. All materials and methods used in our fabrication process are non-hazardous to the fauna and flora of the pond so any additional seaming to make your pond liner size and/or shape will not cause harm to any living creatures. 

With our in-door fabrication facility we’re able to not only make large single-piece liners but we’re also able to ensure the highest quality seams on your oversize pond liners in a climate controlled and dirt free zone for long lasting seams.

If your project requires a very large liner, we will most likely have to ship it in two or more pieces for handling purposes. EPDM is a heavy material as-is PVC, the two main types of liner we use for pre-fabricated decorative pond liners.

Not all materials are created the same, even with the same trade names. For this reason Field Lining Systems, Inc.(FLSI) has a vast network of material suppliers to bring our customers the most cost effective, long lasting material for their project. FLSI supplies our customers with shop-fabricated pieces for a quick and easy installation.

EPDM installation for a decorative pond liner

Properties EPDM PVC


Material Type

Material Weight

Material Price

45 mil & 60 mil

Synthetic Rubber

Roughly 0.27lbs per SF for 45 mil


20 – 60 mil


Roughly 0.19lbs per SF for 30 mil


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