What is a Leak Location?

A leak location service for a liner is almost always a must when you’re loosing water or noticing abnormal liner conditions. Since 1983 FLSI has assisted our new and existing clients with their leak location service needs. With our scalable crews, we always have the ability to make your requirements met. We work on virtually all membranes from HDPE, LLDPE, RPP, PVC, XR-5, RPE, and others. Our inspection proposals typically include as-builts that not only show your ponds layout, but also the locations where repairs are needed, which FLSI can also facilitate while on-site, or at a later time due to budgeting or operational restrictions.

Visual Site Inspection

Perform a visual only site inspection of liner system. Included in our proposals are usually as-builts for the walked liner system, along with a diagram of all identified possible leak locations.


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