Pre-Fabricated Pond Liners

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No seaming required! A great benefit to FLSI is our large floor sections that provide us the ability to give our customers a large, light-weight and single piece liner for easy and rapid installation. With this benefit of not requiring field seams, not only will your liner seams last longer since our

Plastics in the Surface Finishing industry

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What we provide our customersWhether you have a small or large surface finishing operation, FLSI has the ability to suit your needs. We are one of the only custom fabrication companies of both flexible and rigid plastics.Flexible PlasticsFrom the Flexible Plastics side of our fabrication, we make drop-in tank liners for every step of your

What can we fabricate?

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It is a question that we get asked a lot and quite honestly, it is a question that can be answered with one word, EVERYTHING. We fabricate virtually anything and everything our customers bring to us in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility. With ease of access to our machines, our technicians are capable of

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